New Name, New Paths:

New Name, New Paths:

Welcome to Earth\Studies.  A new project exploring the connections between people and planet through experimental design.

We are the same people behind it. Vanishes, now with a new name reflecting the way our vision has expanded and the space we see ahead.

This represents the next chapter in our journey to create outdoor clothing from “waste” materials, while exploring a deeper relationship with the unique beauty of the natural world.

New Design Methodology:

This planet is beautiful, and our design systems should reflect our interconnection with it.  

Rather than distinguish nature as a separate place that needs control, the Earth\Studies project seeks to connect people and planet through design experimentation. To discover harmonies that can exist between human expression and nature’s beauty.  

Usually clothing is a barrier between our bodies and the environment.  But what if clothing could be the connection between our experiences and the planet?  Can color reflect our attachment with the landscape?  Does texture convey our experience with weather?  Might asymmetry mirror organic rhythms?

We believe exploring these connections will lead to new creative spaces that deepen the relationship with nature.  

In this way, Earth\Studies products serve as tools for people to explore this world while revealing the emotion and beauty of that experience. 

Expanding Materials: From Deadstock to Recycled.

Finding use for overlooked or wasted material has been a critical component to the way we design and build our pieces from the beginning.  We want to expand our fabrications beyond deadstock materials.  Our next step is to incorporate recycled fabrics.  

As we think about the consumer system of the future, recycling continues to be a critical step towards sustainability.  It's crucial that waste from each step in the consumer process is folded back into itself from fabric milling to end use.  

Humans are not going to stop making stuff, but the way we create must evolve.  Finding more ways to promote recycled materials helps to bring us closer to a new system.

This project will experiment with a variety of new materials and processes to help shape that transition.  This research is on a small scale today, but we believe that all direct action helps create standards to better care for the planet in the future. 

As these values have emerged, we felt drawn to express our ideas under a new name to explore them.  

We hope that you join us on the next chapter of this experimental path.

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