MP-104 Field Short

Advanced Utility Research

Lower Energy Atmospheres

E.S.C.E.P. w/ Polartec®

Earth\Studies Cold Environments Project utilizes 85% recycled Polartec fabric to facilitate discovery and expression for when the moon rules the sky. E.S.C.E.P. introduces two new silhouettes - The MS-108 Hoodie and MP-106 Pant, formulated for evenings at remote high desert research sites or rec hours in the HAB.

This Experiment was documented at the ecological testing facility known as Biosphere 2.

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Our ethos centers on creating value from what may otherwise lay dormant or be wasted. re\Archive arrives as a purposeful collection, reformatting and renaming an Experiment from our previous incarnation. Within are deadstock materials assembled in patchwork to comprise your spacesuit for terrestrial excursions.