New.Worlds unfold before us if we’re ready to see them. 

We dedicated months of research to developing new means and methods of production. In the technical processes of making physical relics we uncovered opportunities for creativity and expression we might never have imagined on our own. Our research led us to new producers at a family-owned factory in Jaipur, India, where we saw our woven pieces reframed with new dimension thanks to the beauty of hand spun Khadi fabrics. In Los Angeles, a skilled menswear factory used Polartec® High Pile fleece to create a version of our Field Shirt for cold environments.

Our experimental nature bade that we follow the path as it revealed itself. We stand now at the gateway to New.Worlds

Experiment_08 Visual Record

Comfort across Landscapes & Domiciles

Earth Studies Cold Environments Projects are fabricated to insulate the body from lower energy atmospheres for evenings at remote high desert research sites or rec hours in the HAB.

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